Ask + Seek + Knock

This passage of Scripture from Matthew 7 gives me hope because it reminds me that when we seek guidance from the Lord on a matter, He will answer – it’s simply a matter of time. I know that I have said this before, but it’s an important truth that bears repeating; that way, we can remain hopeful, come what may!

In my reading of this verse (and I’m no scholar here, so please consult your own Bibles and see how the Lord guides you), this is what is clear to me:

If we ask, then we will get an answer. However, there is no guarantee that the reply that we receive from the Lord will necessarily conform with our initial expectations. And sometimes, God’s answer is “no!” We must be prepared to accept that response, too.

If we seek, then something will be revealed to us. This is a very reassuring truth, but again, we aren’t necessarily sure what we will encounter as we travel along the path of life. Put another way, I can’t think of a single time in the Bible when a person was able to successfully pin down what God was going to do in advance, and that He went on to do it precisely in that way. God promises us revelation, but He doesn’t necessarily tell us in advance what it is He’s going to share with us, and how He’ll resolve the situation. But we can trust that He will resolve it, one way or another!

If we knock, then a new way forward will appear. I find this very comforting. I think it’s interesting that in this verse, Jesus doesn’t say, “and to everyone who knocks on the door…” – no, He simply says “and to everyone who knocks.” Sometimes, we’re just knocking on what appear to be a wall for a really long time, and we’re thinking, “What is the point of continuing to do this? It’s a wall.” Then, when we least expect it, a door materializes out of nowhere, and it also opens, just for us! Shoot – anybody can open a door, but only God can create one where one never existed before and then open it just for you.

Generally, my perspective on the matter is this: if you ask God something, He’ll get back to you, but just not in the way that you may expect. And if you seek Him, He’ll show you something about Himself (or what your next step should be in the circumstances that you are facing), but chances are, the way that the insight comes your way may be somewhat unexpected. And finally, it may seem odd to be knocking on a wall when there is no door present, but the same God who knocked down the walls of Jericho (see the book of Joshua for reference) surely can just as easily make a door appear out of nowhere, don’t you think?

As you can probably tell, I’m not a prosperity-gospel kind of gal. None of that name-it-and-claim-it business. Instead, I simply believe that we serve a big God who answers us according to His timing, and in the way that He knows is best for us, as well as others within our circle of influence. So, by all means, keep asking, seeking, and knocking – but get ready to surprised when God responds to you! 😀

Matthew 7.8

13 thoughts on “Ask + Seek + Knock

  1. Amen! Amen! Wow powerful message. I mean you always post great ones and most times they all reflect my life. But I felt the Lord speak this directly to me. As always, thank you for this! Amazing! 🙏🏼

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  2. I love your take on the knocking! 😊 We can knock on anything, and He will answer.
    I firmly believe that God hears and answers all prayers we bring to Him. In our fleshly hearts, we cannot know how to pray. Jesus gave us His perfect example. If a prayer is coming from a heart of flesh, then God will work with us but, as you say, in unexpected ways. If we pray in the Spirit, He will answer in His Ways, and open our eyes to see what He did in His time.

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    1. Amen, Kathy! I hadn’t quite thought of it that way – “knocking on anything, and He will answer.”

      I’ve missed reading your wise comments and posts, and am looking forward to catching up on them now that I’m back (hopefully for the duration, Lord willing).

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    1. Your comment had me cracking up – particularly, the comment about “took so long they even forgot what they asked God hahaha.” I can relate to that! Recently, I’ve seen the Lord answer a couple of prayers that I completely forgot asking about, they had been asked so long ago!

      How is life treating you, my friend? How are your neighbors doing with the insurance companies?

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      1. I am glad to hear that things are getting back in order with your house, but I will continue to pray on that and to lift up your neighbors (and the insurance companies) as well. Thank you for the update.

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