A Beautiful Day

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in November, isn’t it? Goodness gracious – where has 2018 gone? Regardless, I am grateful that the Lord has seen me through the year thusfar, and has gotten me through some situations where I felt stuck or unsure about what my next step should be. I am grateful!

At any rate, I am particularly thankful because on this first weekend in November, in beautiful California, the weather is still quite stunning (temperatures in the 70s, blue skies). Of course, the weather will one day change abrupty, announcing the arrival of what passes for winter here – temperatures will enter the low- to mid-60s (or below – even into the 50s sometimes!), and the rain will eventually come. This is how we roll in California when it comes to “winter,” so please do not judge. 😉

However, the weather on Sunday was simply breathtaking. I met up a friend at a nearby lake – perhaps twenty minutes or so from where I live – and we had the opportunity to go for a walk along the water. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine that such a beautiful spot is located only a mile or two from a busy city, but it is. At any rate, here is one of the breathtaking vistas that I encountered during my walk:


Look at that water!!

True, my photography skills weren’t particularly on point that day – you’ll note that the horizon line is a little off-center – but who cares? The water was still beautiful. And it was nice to observe little ducks (off-camera) gliding and sliding along the surface of the lake.

Whenever I am around a body of water, I am filled with a sense of peace and contentment, and experience an assurance form the Lord that all is well. Not necessarily perfect, but – in that moment – well. Peaceful. Good. Blessed. I suppose it’s all about where I place my focus, no? On the azure waters in front of me, or the barely discernible issues and concerns further out in distance?

On Sunday, I chose to keep my eye on the waters, and was all the better for it. I also had a wonderful conversation with my friend, and we enjoyed a tasty lunch, too (there was a cafe adjacent to the lake).

All in all, the day was delightful, and as far as I am concerned, it was the highlight of my past week.

So here’s wishing you lots of sunshine, blue skies, and calm waters, dear friends! God is good.


10 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day

    1. Thank you! Sometimes, I think God just shows off when the weather is pretty, if that makes sense at all. We see such powerful evidence of His presence and creative power in nature, and such demonstrations remind us that He truly is in control of all things.

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  1. You have captured God’s artistry beautifully, in picture, and in words 🙂 I was laughing about the 50’s and 60’s I live on the coast and we have dropped well below that already this year. This past week and a half have been back into the high 70’s during the days but this weekend it will be in the low 30’s BURRRRRRR hahaha 🙂

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    1. My father also lives on the East Coast, and he says that the weather changes there all the time! Hot one day, and freezing cold the next. We are solidly in the low- to mid-60s now, and I have proudly broken out my scarves and UGG boots to commemorate the arrival of “winter”. After all, it is raining…. 😉

      Ironically, I posted that photo only a few days before the Camp Fire broke out – and we did not see another clear blue sky for well over two weeks. It makes me remember that simple things like clear air, blue sky, and the aiblity to breathe normally are not things to be taken for granted!

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