The Long Walk

So I took a long walk the other day, and learned something very important along the way. I drew my own conclusions from the experience, but thought I should share what transpired with you here. Who knows? Perhaps the Lord will share something altogether different with you.

Here’s what happened:

Normally, when I go for a walk, my customary route takes me to the right. However, on this day, I felt led to go to the left. Even though I have lived in my apartment complex for more than fourteen years, I had only ever gone to the right for my regular strolls; on this day, I felt led to go in a different direction.

At first, I didn’t like the route I had chosen. It was a bit more industrial and crowded, and I preferred my predictable and familiar stroll through the suburbs. I kept going, however.

As I continued to walk, I came across a condominium complex that I had passed many times before while in my car. There was a small side road – we’ll call it Sapphire Way – and I thought it would be nice to explore it on foot, thinking that it would only take me a couple of minutes to walk to the end of the street and back again.

I couldn’t have been more mistaken!

When I got to what I thought was the end of Sapphire Way, I realized that it fed into another street that was a loop. This new street was called Sapphire Loop.

I paused and asked myself a question: “How big could Sapphire Loop be, anyway?” I decided that it probably wouldn’t be very big or take me long to travel its full distance, and kept walking.

I was amazed to discover that it seemed like Sapphire Loop went on forever. I kept looking in front of me, but really couldn’t see the end of the road. When I strained my eyes a bit, I observed that it curved at a distance, but I could not discern its end.

Also, Sapphire Loop was bisected by additional inlets that led the traveler into curved cul-du-sacs. So, Sapphire Loop kept intersecting with Inlet 1, Inlet 2, Inlet 3, etc. – on both sides of the street. While I did not walk down any of these inlets, it looked like the little streets curved around a corner, but there was no other way out except to turn back around and get back on Sapphire Loop.

As I walked, I counted no fewer than twenty-one inlets – on both sides of Sapphire Loop. That’s forty-two different turn-offs from one loop. One “little” street – or so I had erroneously thought.

And the more I walked, the more I discovered. I came across a park that didn’t know existed, as well as a school – and before I realized how far I had traveled, it suddenly occurred to me that I had gotten really far away from my starting point. However, I was still on the loop, and everything felt safe, secure, and quite lovely, really

It was only at this point that I approach the distal end of Sapphire Loop – technically, I had traveled half-way, but then again, had I really? How does one calculate the beginning and end of a circle?

So I rounded the corner, and encountered additional new inlets – some with different names – and I came across another road that would could take me away from Sapphire Road (and this sprawling neighborhood I had never before discovered) if I desired, but I decided to stay on the sure path. After all, Sapphire Loop was a trustworthy path, and this other road led to more distant and noisy places.

The second half of my journey was similar to the first half, but also different and its own way.  Yes, there were inlets, lots of houses, and people walking their dogs, but the experience was also somehow. different in a way. I remember it being a very peaceful place.

Eventually, I came to the end – or is it the beginning? – of Sapphire Loop. It occurred to me that I could walk the loop again and probably learn something new and different each time, but what I had learned was sufficient for that day.

So I decided to head home. I turned left, back on to Sapphire Way, and before I knew it, was back on the busy main road once again.

And then I was home again.

Or was I really? ✝️


4 thoughts on “The Long Walk

  1. God does take us in new and interesting directions sometimes. Our choice is whether we will see what He puts around us, and whether we will obey His prompts.
    Sounds like a lovely walk, and that you might go that way again. Who knows what you’ll find, as you diligently seek Him? 😊

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