I am thankful today because I was fortunate to cross paths with a former professor and advisor from my time as an undergraduate student (more than twenty years ago!). Allow me to set the scene:

This past weekend was my twentieth college reunion. Did I go? No. I live relatively close by, and I also do some work for the university, so these every-fifth-year reunions are a little less urgent for me for the reasons I just mentioned.

However, the university selected several faculty talks that would be available for alumni to access via live online streaming, and I came across one that featured my undergraduate advisor (I got to know him well when I was a student, and we’d stayed in touch – albeit infrequently – over the years), and I decided to sign up for his session.

I really enjoyed my professor’s presentation (and yet, even as a grown woman, I still cannot bring myself to call him by his first name!), and was excited to learn about where and how he – now retired – is investing his time and interests. As it turns out, what he’s studying now aligns very well with the intention of my two blogs, Daily Thankful and Daily Hopeful (although the professor does not know about them yet).

After the professor’s talk concluded, he shared his email address to the event participants, so I decided to send him a note letting him know of my interest in his project – if he even remembered me! However, God is good, because my professor remembered me quite well, and wants to get me involved with his project! He connected me with someone on his team so that I can learn more about it. I am curious – yet prayerful – to see what the Lord will do next.

Come what may of it, I am thankful for the opportunity to reconnect with someone who taught me an awful lot when I was a student – and I suspect that I might’ve taught him a thing or two as well (I attended his office hours occasionally, but instead of asking about the assignments, I asked my professor what his middle name was, and what his favorite food was to eat. I also asked him about other topics related to psychology, because I wanted to know what he thought, and I shared my views, too. We had some lovely conversations – maybe that’s why he remembers me all of these years later!).

But I digress. 🙂

I was listening to a sermon recently where the pastor was talking about “divine intersections,” and I believe that I may have experienced one this past weekend. Only time will tell if it is simply a point of intersection (something that happens quickly and then ends abruptly) or if that very point of intersection will continue forward, forming a straight line (implying more of a sustained, ongoing connection). As I said earlier, time wil tell.

I suppose that’s why I like this verse from Psalm 32 – after all, what happened this past weekend reminds me that yes, the Lord keeps His ever-watchful eye upon me, and His counsel is always incredibly timely and helpful, too. ☀️


7 thoughts on “Intersections

  1. I get surprised once in a while with a face or name from my past. I’m a slow processor, so it takes me some time to see how best to handle it. God is my Lord of past, present, and future. I have not impressed myself with my past, so it’s usually unsettling to wait to see why He brings these things into my life. 😊

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    1. Good point, Kathy. Sometimes He allows things to cross our paths, but only briefly, because He wants us to continue going in the direction that He originally planned for us.

      As you say, the appropriate next step only becomes clear in time.

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