An Encouraging Word

I am greatly encouraged by this verse from 1 Peter 5, as it reminds me that the Lord has a plan for all people, places, and things, and that – at the right time (according to His schedule, and not mine) – He will act.

Of course, there are conditions to this promise – one of them being a life surrendered to the Lord, characterized by great humility in His presence. Still, I’ve wondered, what does humility before God really mean?

I don’t think it means having a low opinions of ourselves (thinking negatively); after all, the Lord holds a high view of us, so why should we think less of ourselves than the Creator of the universe does?

However, I also don’t think it means having an inflated sense of self either. Call it what you want – selfishness, pride, narcissism – they all represent varying points on a continuum of emotional and spiritual immaturity that represents the very opposite of humility.

No, my view is that the Lord simply desires us to have a correct and biblical appreciation for who He is, and a greater understanding of our identity in light of this truth. Put another way, God is God, and I am not. And with all due respect to the queen of England, there is only one Sovereign – and He answers to the name “Alpha and Omega.” Indeed, His dominion never ends!

So, if He is sovereign, then I obviously am not. Sounds like an obvious truth, right? Then why do I sometimes go about my life assuming that I know what is best, and that I have all the answers?

Keeping these questions in mind, the passage from 1 Peter 5 makes more sense (to me, anyway) now. When we recognize and respect God for who He is and trust in His sovereignty, we can believe that it’s simply a matter of time before He has fulfilled all that He has promised to us – whether it be on this side of eternity or the other.

I hope that this verse encourages you in some way. 💛


14 thoughts on “An Encouraging Word

  1. “Then why do I sometimes go about my life assuming that I know what is best, and that I have all the answers?” I feel that God allows us to do this so that He can show us that He is the path and the way. We must fall down (in my case A LOT) so He can help us back up, and teach us the lessons He wants us to learn. Great post as always Sister 🙂 Your ministry touches me each day 🙂

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  2. I always look forward to your messages every morning. I’m going through a difficult situation and I’m flood with thoughts of worry, doubts, and fear which is causing me to lose sleep and I find myself upset at the world. It’s difficult in the physical sense, because I’ve tried all possible ways to solve the problem, but nothing seems to be working. Im just so tired spiritually and physically. So I’m continually asking God for help. But His silence is deafening. 🙏🏼 I know God isn’t going to let me fall. But as a human my feelings are getting the best of me. 🙏🏼

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    1. I hear you, Tiffany. I can relate to a lot of what you’re sharing! Lately, I’ve been struggling with insomnia and a sense of restlessness in general. However, please know that several of your blog posts have been a real blessing to me, so even though life is hard right now, continue to keep writing! I suspect that you were touching more lives than you may realize. 💛

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