Quality Time

As I reflect over the past week, I find that I am most thankful for the one-on-one, quality time that I’ve been able to spend with my friends.

Specifically, on Sunday, I had the opportunity to participate in a build-your-own terranium event with a dear friend of mine (you can behold my finished product below). While the event itself left a little something to be desired, it was nonetheless a joy to simply sit alongside a friend while we peacefully constructed our terraniums. Occasionally, we would chat, but as two lifelong introverts, we also enjoyed episodes of companionable quiet as we worked. It was nice!

Additionally, we were fortunate to have some time to visit before and after the event; I listened as she shared her updates, and she tuned in attentively as I shared mine. Such reciprocity in relationships of any kind seems to be an increasingly rare thing, so I try not to take such friends for granted.

I supposed it’s like what I learned about the succulents that we planted on Sunday: while different, the plants are close to one another so that their roots – while independent systems by nature – can share vital resources and nutrients with their neighbors, too.

So it truly was a blessing to spend the afternoon with a fellow “succulent” in this “terranium” that we call life. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Quality Time

  1. Are you an introvert?! It’s funny how you can read someone’s blog for years and not even know these things, haha. I love succulents, but despite the fact they are low maintenance, mine died recently. And I had a cactus which died recently too (even though they are incredibly resilient!).

    Have a great week, amigo!

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    1. Oh yes! I am an introvert at heart. 🙂

      In terms of the succulents, the key apparently is to not over-water them! Once per week is the key, apparently. 💡

      You have a great week, too, Steven! PS – Soy una amiga! (female!)

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      1. Oh, thanks for sorting out my terrible Spanish! 😂 And for the succulent tip. I was watering my succulent and cactus about once a week but they both still died. Maybe I didn’t talk to them enough?!

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    1. I just read your post – there was a lot of wisdom in there, Kathy. I liked the part you shared about listening being a full body activity, and that it’s wise to practice when we can.

      And yes, I am fortunate that my friend is a very good listener, too. I suspect that’s why we’ve been friends for as long as we have. 🙂

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      1. You will probably do better than I have done so far. Also, my apartment doesn’t have a whole lot of natural light coming into it, and that could be part of the issue. Otherwise, keeping succulents alive isn’t quite as easy as you’d think it would be! :/


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