As I reflect upon the past week, I realize that I am most grateful for the insight that the Lord provided in a situation where the way forward appeared unclear at first.

I found myself at a crossroads with a decision – not a huge one, but an important one, nonetheless – and I realized that the proverbial fork in the road lay before me. On one side was the path I was already on, and an opportunity lay before me to perhaps try something different.  I gave the matter a lot of thought (and even did a fair amount of research on path #2), but at the end, decided that it was better to take no new action toward this other destination unless guided by the Lord to do so.

Isn’t funny how God works? Later that day, He shed some light on a whole other path – previously unseen – that is traveling in the same general direction as my original route (in fact, it will very likely intersect it several times!).

At the end of the day, I’ve decided to stay on path #1 and see if the newly-revealed path appears again later. If it does, I will receive it as confirmation that the Lord was behind it, as a) it appeared out of nowhere; and b) it did not show up due to my own planning and efforts – quite the opposite, really!

I suppose this is what I mean by “insight”. Sure, week after week, I can list off the material blessings for which I am most thankful (and I am, truly), but the book of Proverbs tells us that wisdom and insight are priceless – far above the value of precious gemstones.

Indeed, nothing beats the insight and guidance that the Lord provides when we simply pause long enough to wait for Him to respond (I simply wish that I did so more consistently!). Sometimes, God is quick, and other times, we seem to be greeted by an extended interval of divine radiosilence as we wait.

In my situation, I can’t say that I was suddenly struck with some profound thought; rather, I cast my mind back to the principles of biblical wisdom, and considered that it’s probably not prudent to ever travel down a dark and unknown road unless I’m quite sure that the Lord has directed me there.

In my limited experience, I’ve realized that the Lord never calls us to inhabit the darkness – rather, He will light the path (and while the shaft of illumination may be small and dim at times, He will guide the way) and we are to follow. Yes, we are to be light-followers, rather darkness-seekers.

So safe travels on whatever path the Lord has you on, my friends! And remember to keep walking on the path (see the last few verses of Proverbs 4 for context) – especially when the untravelled, unknown road is dark, and the way forward uncertain! Keep walking in the light, and with the Light. ☀️


4 thoughts on “Insight

  1. Oh, yes, yes! My mind leaps to Ps 119.105: Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
    God directs us through so many venues (Word, Spirit, His people), and He always sheds His light for us.

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    1. That is a good Word, Kathy. I think “insight” and “light” must be closely related, because – in my mind – the word “insight” conjures up the idea of illumination (literally lighting up that which was previously dark).

      I think the issue is that our world is dark and if we’re not careful, we can get a little too acclimated to the darkness. That’s why it’s always good to keep the flashlight of God’s Word in our pockets! 🙂

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