Powerful Promises

This quote by Corrie ten Boom really encouraged me today! It reminds me of where my focus should each day – on who God is and the promises He’s made (and kept!) to us – rather than on the passing circumstances of life.

Indeed, may the light of the Lord’s truth always illuminate the dark areas of our lives – after all, things always look different (and usually better) when the light is on, don’t you think?

11 thoughts on “Powerful Promises

  1. Ah, Corrie! One of my favorites. She pens her Godly perspectives in such a way that they are universal.
    I read “Night” by Elie Wiesel. A wrenching book, but what most struck me was the comparison with Corrie Ten Boom and how she writes about the same circumstances/era. Elie never did come to know his God, and was bitter to the end. Corrie loved her God, was transformed, and, through her, God transformed many others.

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    1. Thank you for sharing this comment, Kathy. I actually haven’t read anything by Corrie ten Boom, but I have heard that despite her suffering, the Lord made her heart very tender toward those who mistreated her and her loved ones. Perhaps I’ll see if I can find a book of hers from the library….

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      1. Thanks for the tip, Kathy. I’ve heard of the book but have never read it! I’m going to make note of the title again and see if I can find it – perhaps as an audiobook (I enjoy the narration).

        Grateful for you! 😀

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