Overflowing Thanks

As I reflect on the past seven days, I can’t help but offer thanks to the Lord for placing such wonderful friends in my life! In particular, last week was about my catching up with several friends I had not seen in a little while.

▫️On Monday, I had the opportunity to visit with a friend and former coworker – someone I hadn’t seen in over two years! She and her husband had moved out of the area for a spell, and only recently returned. I’m grateful that we were able to meet up, and that I was able to hear all the wonderful things that the Lord has been doing in her life while she was away (mind you, my friend is not Christian, but I still observed that the Lord had actively been at work in her life). She kept using words like “lucky” and “coincidence” – all the while I was thinking to myself, “Not coincidence – Providence!”

▫️On Tuesday, I was privileged to reconnect with a friend I’ve known for almost twenty years! She has two college-age children (and I’ve known the kids since they were little. I guess that shows that I’m getting up there in age as well!), and while we’ve been in touch via text, I had not met up with her in person for a couple of years. Anyway, it was wonderful to hear what’s happening in the lives of her kids, and also how she and her husband are faring with the “empty nest” syndrome (quite well, actually!).

▫️On Thursday, I had to do some teaching for the certification I am pursuing – and I am observed and assessed by another teacher while doing so. I thought everything went okay, but I’m grateful that the person observing me is a really good teacher (who also happens to be a friend of mine!). She always gives me really helpful and thoughtful feedback that helps me grow and learn, and I appreciate her!

▫️On Friday, I had an unexpected call from a (newer) friend from my current Bible study, and we enjoyed a good chinwag. In addition to catching up more generally, both enjoyed a couple of hearty chuckles, too. Indeed, laughter is good for the soul!

▫️Finally, on Saturday, I met up with a woman/spiritual mentor from my previous Bible study group – and while I see her at church regularly, we had not sat down to have a conversation for quite some time. Our time together was a mutual blessing and a good time in the Lord! It’s nice to be around someone who listens attentively and asks thoughtful questions, and also to be able to extend the same kindness to her as well. 🙂

So that about summarizes my week. I know I have mentioned my friends on this blog before, but I’m grateful that God keeps reminding me of the wonderful support network that surrounds me (and I, in turn, am honored to be part of my friends’ support networks, too).

That’s why like this passage from Colossians 2 – not only are we blessed when we seek to follow after Jesus, but the He also arranges for some wonderful friendships to bud and blossom as we all travel along His path. Truly, friendship is a gift! 🎁

4 thoughts on “Overflowing Thanks

  1. Friendships are one of the greatest blessings God gives us! Sometimes it’s mingled with fellowship; sometimes it helps relieve pressure from other sources; sometimes it’s just a simple joy.
    Thanks you for sharing your blessings with us! ❤

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    1. If you can believe it, this is my third or fourth time attempting to respond to this comment. My Internet connection went out! Murphy’s Law of technology. 🙁

      At any rate, I thought you offered some wise words about friendship and your comment. You ought to copy and paste part of that and create a new post for your blog! 💛

      Hopefully this reply goes through this time…!

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