Still Thankful

The past week has been good, and I am thankful! Among other things, the Lord has reminded me that I truly am surrounded by some incredibly supportive people (several of which feel more like family), with whom there is deep trust and friendship. I never want to take these relationships for granted, and so I want to thank the Lord for the wonderful conversations and fellowship I enjoyed last week.

Also, I am grateful because the Lord also knows when we need a good (if not unexpected) laugh! I was at church on Saturday, and was chatting with the people near my row during meet-and-greet time. Anyway, I introduced myself to a woman – let’s just call her “Susan” – with whom I was not previously acquainted. However, she made it clear that she knew me!

As it turns out, she’s on staff at the church and works in children’s ministry. So, before I realized what was happening, she exclaimed, “I know you! You’ll be volunteering in children’s ministry with your husband on the 29th!”

Susan clearly felt very pleased with herself for remembering this important piece of information.


Well, I’m not married. And I most definitely am not involved with my friend (we’ll call him “Tom”!). 🤭 He’s truly like a brother to me.

Anyway, I enjoyed a good and hearty chuckle, though, before continuing. Susan was a little perplexed, though.

I told Susan, “Yes, I’ll be serving with Tom, but you should know that I am not his wife!” (Tom has a serious girlfriend, by the way, so I wanted this nipped in the bud quickly.)

Thankfully, we were able to laugh about it all (including Tom – I texted him and another friend about it later that evening). However, there was an important lesson in the experience for me as well – we should remember to challenge our assumptions! Often, our first impressions may miss the mark, so it’s always good to confirm our initial assessments with data or other people – preferably both!

Anyway, I just thought it was a funny reminder that exciting things can and do happen during meet-and-greet time at church! Whoever said that church was boring…? 😉

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