So, over the course of this blog, I’ve written posts on the omnipresence of God (present everywhere, all at the same time) and the omnipotence of God (no one or thing is greater than Him); so today, I thought it was high time to do a post on the omniscience of the Lord – He knows and understands all things. Fittingly, I’ve chosen this passage from Proverbs 21 as my selection for the Daily Hopeful verse of the week.

Simply put, there is nothing that we can do to thwart the plans and purposes of the Lord. Of course, bad things can and do happen to everyone at one time or another (the Bible even speaks to this), but even then, the Lord has a way of working things out so that His purposes prevail in time.

Of course, we often – if not unwittingly – interfere in the Lord’s plans for our lives, but He doesn’t change the destination, per se; rather, He simply orchestrates a few detours to get us back on the right road, and consequently lengthens the journey. And just like the people of Israel during the Exodus – remember that they did eventually get to the Promised Land, by the way – we will land wherever it is that the Lord wants us to be, in due time.

This encourages me when I consider the challenges that I face, and feebly attempt to resolve them with things that seem right (human wisdom), but aren’t. Of course, if logic and reason were the only lenses through which I experienced the world, life would be a sorry business, indeed. However, I have to remind myself that only God has the last word in any situation; even when things make no sense to me, and I feel like there is no way out, I must call to mind that only the Lord can make something out of nothing – effortlessly. He can (and sometimes does) provide an answer in a way that is so unexpected and miraculous that it defies rational thought, and cannot be explained away by mere human knowledge, either.

Why, you may wonder? Well, consider things from God’s perspective (as the all-knowing One): What could possibly ever stand in His way? I mean that really and truly: can you think of anything or anyone who could possibly come up against the Lord and succeed? Many have tried, but all have failed.

Again, the book of Proverbs says it best, and this truth gives me great encouragement: No human wisdom or understanding or plan can stand against the Lord.

4 thoughts on “Omniscient

  1. YES! 😊
    Some time, early in my Christian life, we were studying something, and having a discussion. I drew a mental picture of The Road that God has each of us travel. No one travels the same road, although many intersect, and many merge into the same road (ie, marriage, family). However, we take detours in all different directions, all different dimensions. But God makes sure we end up on The Road He planned for us, and that we end up at our proper destination.
    Thank you. ❤

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