The Long Road

Sometimes, the path that the Lord has us on takes a lot longer than we’d like to get to our destination – often, a hoped-for place of rest from the tiring journey. However, in times like these, let’s remember that God is more interested in how we travel (full of faith or frozen with fear?), rather than being too concerned with how long it takes for us to finally arrive at our desired endpoint.

So hang in there, my friend, and keep walking on whatever long road that the Lord has placed in front of you! Trust that you will get there eventually – after all, it worked for Moses, no? 💛

8 thoughts on “The Long Road

    1. Sometimes, our journey with the Lord can feel long, no? That’s why I find comical images like this one – they remind me of God‘s promises to take care of me, but they also give me a much needed laugh! 😀

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