The God Who Cares

While I may have shared this verse from 1 Peter 5 here before, the promise contained therein bears repeating! Life can feel so hard sometimes – what a blessing it is to call to mind this vital truth: God cares for us.

Put another way, if God cares for us (and He does) and He’s all-powerful (which He is), then when we truly hand our concerns and burdens over to Him, we should experience His peace and presence.

Of course, unless you’re like me sometimes – handing things to the Lord, only to snatch them back again! No, if we’re going to truly find healing and experience the peace that surpasses all human understanding (as the Bible promises), then we must surrender it all. No holding back.

And when we do, we discover that it’s possible to experience peace in the midst of a storm. In fact, the eye of a tornado is reputed to be quiet and calm, despite all the chaos happening around it. In a similar vein, our lives can be characterized by an incredible, human-logic-defying peace – even in the most challenging of circumstances.

So let’s remember that God cares very deeply about every person He has made, and what burdens you also greatly concerns Him. Here’s the question: Do we trust the Lord enough to give Him all of our worries and cares – completely?

Some spiritual food for thought….

9 thoughts on “The God Who Cares

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