Draw Near

I like this verse because it reminds me of the benefits of sticking close to the Lord. From what I can tell, there is not a lot of detail explaining what these benefits are, but whenever the Bible uses words like “it is good for me,” then I sit up and pay attention! Also, it seems like the verse paints a beautiful picture of God’s design for the believer’s life:

▫️Draw near to God – Have you ever noticed how we always tend to drift back into murky waters when we turn our attention away from the Lord?

▫️Make the Lord our Refuge. I took a minute to look up “refuge” (those of you who regularly read this blog know that I have a penchant for looking up words that are familiar to us, in order to uncover meanings hat we may or may not already know) and here is what I found:

Shelter or protection from danger or distress.

We must remember that God alone is our Place of safety from the storm!

▫️Place our trust in Him, because anything or anyone else (even on their best days!) will eventually let us down. Indeed, it is a dangerous business to place our trust and reliance anywhere other than in the Lord Himself.

And what is the result of all this, you may want to know? The verse tells us:

▫️We’ll share our experiences of God’s faithfulness with others. After all, we never really know how God will use our experiences and our words to touch the lives of people around us.

So, it seems like a wise thing if we draw close to God and stay near Him at all times. When we do so, He promises to be our Protector and Provider during the storm (He may not stop the storm winds from blowing and the rain from falling, but He will give us a place of peace and safety while the storm rages outside).

Let’s remember to draw near to Him and to stay there, too. ✝️

4 thoughts on “Draw Near

    1. Very true, but only the Lord can provide refuge (safety, protection, rest) on a desert island, and He does provide it! I think He encourages us to stop lookinh at the sand and instead cast our gaze toward the abundant ocean waters that surround us on every side.

      Thank you for sharing this powerful image with me! It actually is helping me in an important way today. 💛 God bless you!


      1. God bless you as well! 💛

        I am enjoying your blog posts – how long have you been doing the therapy with the horses? (I’m forgetting the formal name of it – forgive me)


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