Ah – the important life lessons that the Lord sends us in unexpected ways! (in my case, with two ducks) Allow me to explain:

I was outside of a sushi restaurant waiting for a friend of mine, and out of nowhere, a couple of ducks arrived on the scene and waddled by the front door. I couldn’t help but chuckle, since when I was last at this restaurant several years ago, some of their duck-cousins popped by to say hello back then, too! Also, in another (unrelated) incident, I was approached by two ducks near my parking space in my apartment complex, and I was amazed then – as I still am now – to see how utterly unfazed these critters are by cars, people, recycling bins, and so on.

Anyway, back to Duckwatch 2018, and I was again confounded/amused by the fact that these ducks found themselves by a restaurant located in a shopping center, and across the street from a hospital, no less! (There must’ve been some sort of pond nearby – the ducks were waddling around like they owned the place!)

Then it hit me: These critters were bold and fearless. They walked with confidence, even if they were out of their element. They were absolutely unruffled by my presence, and even approached me in a seemingly friendly way. And considering that I am 5’10” and the ducks came in at just under one foot, I must’ve seemed like a skyscraper to them! Yet they were unafraid.

In that moment, I wondered if perhaps that’s God’s heart for those of us who are His children. He wants us to move with confidence and boldness – not necessarily because we always know where we’re going, but rather trusting that He has all things under control, and that everything will work itself out in time.

Even though the ducks were out of their element, they did not seem to be stressed out or discombobulated at all. Rather, they seemed to make the most out of the situation – foraging for food in the dirt, and walking around and enjoying the scenery. Perhaps there is something important that we can learn from them?

Be bold. Be confident. And remember that even if the Lord allows us to wander away from that which is familiar, we still have a choice in how we respond to the change in our circumstances: Walk with bold confidence and enjoy the new sights and sounds around us, or cower in fear.

The choice is ours. Think about it! 🦆

17 thoughts on “Boldness

      1. Yes, it’s pricey for sure! I learned how to make sushi once, long ago when I was still in college (you’d say “at university,” no?).

        Glad to hear you are well! Me, too – God is good!

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      2. I might have a go at making it, I’ve been pondering doing that actually! There are bound to be tutorials on YouTube.

        Not sure what the difference between college and university is in the US? Here we have colleges that are part of universities, and also colleges that are ‘stand alone’.

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      3. That is a good question. We speak of “going to college” but “attending a university.” I suspect that they may be interchangeable as miles and meters are there for you in England! 😉

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