More Gratitude

This past week has been rather ordinary – no big story to share, I’m afraid. However, this does not mean that I still can’t find reasons for biblical gratitude! I just need to dig a little deeper than usual to find them:

🔸I took my car in for its 95,000 mile checkup, and it’s still driving well! The service consultant also blessed me with $40 off of the bill, which was a nice surprise!

🔸I got to take part and witness God working an extraordinary miracle in the life of one of my friends! This is the one I mentioned some time ago – her husband passed away in December, and she became a first-time mom (as a widow) in February. Despite my friend’s sorrows, there is no denying the Lord’s miraculous care and provision for her – often done in surprising and unexpected ways!

🔸Also, my friend’s little baby is too cute for words, and is also very low-key and calm! I’m not usually good with babies, but this one was fine – quiet and content. 🙂

🔸As I approach the home stretch of a certification that I’ve been pursuing, I had the opportunity to do some teaching (three different classes – just fifteen minutes or so each time, and then a separate full-length class). The good news is that things are going well, and God has granted me favor with one of the master teachers (she’s also turning into a mentor of mine). I still have some time to go, but I am making meaningful progress and am enjoying the experience of mastering a new skill.

🔸 A dear friend of mine was visiting from Australia, and it was so wonderful to see her again! (It had been about a year between visits) It felt like no time had passed at all, and I realized that – despite the geographical distance – we are still experiencing similar issues.

That’s it for today! Have a wonderful week. ☑️

9 thoughts on “More Gratitude

    1. One of my biggest blessings last week was my friend’s baby – she has such a sweet and loving disposition, and the baby loved to laugh and smile, too! As I shared in the post, I usually don’t do well with babies – I fare better with the 3-6 year olds, generally – but this little girl was just calm, content, and happy. That I could hold a baby for that length of time was a miracle in and of itself! 😉

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      1. That is the truth! I happened upon two ducks while waiting for a friend in front of a SUSHI restaurant. Not where you expect to see ducks, for sure, so I stopped, took a few photos (a blog post may be forthcoming), and enjoyed their company until my friend arrived. The Lord clearly likes to keep us alert and on our toes! 🙂

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