When We Pray

I think it’s amazing when God chooses to act in response to our prayers. Of course, we can rarely (read: never) anticipate what the Lord has in mind, but we can always partner with Him, and lay our petitions and burdens before Him.

It is staggering to me how God listens to me, and takes action in response to these requests. And while I may feel that I’m in a bit of a holding pattern as I anticipate the Lord’s response to prayers that I have offered to Him, He continues to teach me the importance of praying for others. I am learning that there is a real joy to be found in interceding for others!

So let’s remember that prayer is still powerful and effective, just like the Bible says! God is always on the move, and is always doing something. We can trust His timing and His plan, and when we have questions about either or both of these things, we can always take the matter to Him in prayer.

What a privilege, indeed. ✝️

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