I recently finished going through the book of Job – what an incredible story! This passage from chapter 23 stood out to me for the wisdom and truth contained therein, so I have chosen it for the Daily Hopeful verse of the week.

I don’t know what trial or season you’re going to right now, but remember that the Lord knows your every step; and while He may allow a season of testing and trial in your life, we can stand with Job and declare with bold and confident faith, “I shall come forth as gold.”

This is a profound statement of faith. Job was in the worst trial of his life, having lost almost everything (and everyone) dear to him. To add salt to the proverbial wounds, Job’s wife encouraged him to commit apostasy – renouncing his faith – and his alleged friends made terrible (and false) allegations against him in the very midst of his suffering. Job also had to endure great physical pain and discomfort, too!

Despite his anguish, he trusted God and clung to the truth that he knew: God is in control, and this difficult trial will – at some point – eventually end. And when it was over, Job knew that his relationship with the Lord would be stronger than it was before. Think about it: gold is precious, valuable, and requires consistent effort to cultivate – and the same can be said of our relationship with God.

And do you know what? Job did come forth as gold, even if he and God had to go toe-to-toe for a couple of rounds (see chapters 38-42). Our walk with the Lord may be similar, but let’s rest in the knowledge that we will come forth as gold, too – it’s simply a matter of time and perspective. ⚜️


PS – The Bible app recently changed its fonts, so my go-to font for Bible verse images (Avenir) is gone! I am trying to find a new font, but I don’t care for the options available. There is one passable font that only comes in ALL CAPS, so I may test it out later this week – you’ll have to let me know if it seems like I’m shouting Scripture to you (never my intention!). 📣

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