Giving Thanks

As is my custom, I want to pause and offer words of thanks and praise to the Lord for His faithfulness to me over the course of the past week:

  • I received some encouraging feedback about the interview that I had last week. We will see if the Lord chooses to open the door – I am sincerely hoping that He will!
  • After sitting with a situation for over a month or so, I prayerfully decided to confront a fear I had been harboring and deal with it straight-on. I’m really glad that I did, as things ended up being completely fine. My taking action wasn’t the hard part; making the decision to take the action was much more challenging, Still, I’m glad I that saw it through in the end!
  • The Lord was with me when I persevered through two sessions that I had to teach on Saturday. I really prayed for His favor (as I felt a little wobbly beforehand), and things ended up going quite well! Of course, not everything was perfect, but on the whole, I was pleased.
  • I’m very happy that the Great British Baking Show is back on, even though I know that those of us here in the US 🇺🇸 are seeing something entirely different – and older – than our friends in the UK 🇬🇧 (no spoilers, please!). I was at a family member’s house over the weekend, and had the chance to watch the first two episodes. The program features such wholesome entertainment – something that I truly appreciate these days!

And as the classic hymn goes,

whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say – ‘it is well, it is well with my soul.’

It is well with my soul today, and for this I am truly thankful. Mind you, my circumstances are still not fully resolved, but my soul is steady and at rest – this is a blessing! God is good. ⚓️

16 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Reading this really encouraged me especially the part about how you decided to confront your fear. It is so true that the hardest part is always deciding to confront the thing we fear. Knowing that we have a God who is mightier than any of our fears is something to be thankful for.Thank you so much for sharing this and God bless you!

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    1. Praise the Lord! Thank you for your kind message.

      I’m not a confrontational person, but when it came to the fear I was dealing with, the Lord made it clear that I had neither a biblical nor a rational basis for holding onto it. I unsuccessfully tried to convince myself to confront this fear twice before, but this last time, I decided to go for it, and the Lord showed me that my fear really was quite baseless.

      I still have other fears, though, and God is still chipping away HARD at those, as we speak!

      Have a wonderful rest of your week! ✝️


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