A Happy Heart

I came across this verse in my Bible reading today, and was reminded of the power that joy and contentment (my interpretation of “happy heart”) can bring to our lives.

Joy is a choice, and so is contentment. While I have my ups and downs in this area, with the Lord’s help, I strive to be a person who chooses joy and gratitude for whatever portion (of health, shelter, food, etc.) that God has granted to me each day.

The Lord is teaching me that contentment is all about where (and on Whom) I choose to place my focus. Choosing joy is easier when I remember the blessings God has already generously provided, rather than dwelling on than that which I lack.

Choose joy, and have a (biblically) happy heart! 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Happy Heart

    1. God is good! I continue to be amazed at the way the Holy Spirit keeps bringing me back to the basic things of our faith: trust God, do not worry, and keep walking the path He’s placed in front of us. God just keeps repeating that message to me, and one day I’ll finally get it down for good. 😀

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