God of Possibilities

I selected this passage from the book of Jeremiah as my verse of the week, because the truth contained within it is so powerful: nothing is too hard for the Lord. Since He is sovereign and all powerful, all things are technically “easy” for Him – it’s not like God has to think really hard and concentrate in order to make something happen.

For instance, as the Bible recounts in the first chapter of Genesis, God simply spoke creation into existence – using words only, with absolutely no effort expended on His part (and He probably didn’t even need to use the words!). So, when the Lord decrees that something is going to happen, it happens. Not maybe, might, or should, but it definitely will happen. It’s simply a matter of time.

This gives me comfort and hope, because it helps me to maintain the right perspective on things. The Lord can change our circumstances in a moment! I’ve seen it happen in my own life, and in the lives of others as well. Truly, nothing is too hard for Him, because God is not constrained by anything or anyone.

Think about it: if the Lord decided to change the color of the sky from blue to yellow, who could stop Him?

O sovereign Lord, indeed! ☀️

15 thoughts on “God of Possibilities

    1. You are so organized to plan your posts ahead of time! I have only gotten hip to that idea recently; and while I now schedule my posts, I only do so a couple of hours ahead of time. One day I’ll learn. 🙂

      I look forward to reading this verse from Jeremiah on your blog soon, too! 💛

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      1. It wasn’t really my plan hahaha. I’ve been ahead ever since I got sick back in January. Those 2 weeks I was still reading my Bible but couldn’t post the verses. I just kept track, and when I felt better I typed them up, and scheduled them. So, it has me a couple of weeks ahead :):) I didn’t want it to seem like I was so together haha :):)

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      2. But even in the midst of your sickness, you were still faithfully reading your Bible and making note of the verses that you wanted to share on the blog! You have really pulled out a few gems from God’s Word these past few weeks. 😀

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  1. Thank you for this encouragement. God is a God of His Word. He keeps His promises. We can depend on Him to do what He says He will do. Amen!

    BTW, what is your name? I can’t find it anywhere. Maybe you have shared it with me before and I just don’t remember.

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    1. Praise God that this post ministered to you – He’s teaching me these lessons before I ever push the “publish” button for my blog. It’s a lesson that I keep having to learn over and over again, though.

      To answer your other question, I am TJ. I post anonymously – starting with my first blog (called Daily Thankful) because that’s the direction I received from the Lord. My blog isn’t on social media – outside of WordPress – and everything I post on WordPress is under the name Daily Thankful (people also call me “Daily” as well – makes me smile!), so there wouldn’t be anything to find about me on the web.

      And while I do talk about myself on this blog, I only share as much as will be illustrative to those reading, so that they will be reminded (and me, as well!) to look first and only to our one true Hope. ✝️

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      1. Thank you, TJ! Interesting that the Lord led you to post anonymously. That is how I began, too, but then one of the sites I was on required we all give our real names, and at that time I believe the Lord led me to give my real name everywhere I wrote on the internet. I am not on social media, either, for good reasons. Well, I was posting on Twitter, but I stopped, and I got off of FB years ago, at the direction of the Lord. Glad you are here and that you are sharing the truths of God’s Word.

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      2. Thanks, Sue! Yes, when I began my first blog, the guidance from the Lord was very specific. I mention this because of the irony of starting a daily gratitude/prayer blog when I was going through one of the most difficult seasons of my life. I can’t say that I’ve heard the voice of God so clearly before my life, but the guidance was to start an anonymous gratitude blog. At the time, I thought it was incredibly ridiculous and pretty much told the Lord so.

        And then I launched the blog. 🙂 The Lord clearly knew what He was doing, as I have been incredibly blessed by the community here on WordPress – including your beautiful posts, which are a real blessing!

        Then I got confused again, when Je directed me to retire the first blog. I was prepared to walk away from blogging entirely and just simply lurk in the shadows and read other peoples’ writing.

        Not so! Daily Hopeful was born, with far less direction then Daily Thankful was given. The start of the second blog was a very frustrating endeavor for me (and likely for those reading it, too), as it was – and is – much less black-and-white than Daily Thankful was.

        Then the Lord made it clear that DH was going to serve a slightly different purpose than DT and that He planned to use it in a different way. He was right – it has been different, but no less meaningful.

        I think I tried my hand at Twitter and Instagram for all of two days with my first blog and was so overwhelmed by the pace of it all that shut it down almost immediately. 😮

        It’s interesting to me how the direction of the Lord changes – that’s why it’s so important for us to pay attention to His guidance! As we change and grow, His direction for our lives often shifts a bit, too.

        Keep up the great job with your writing! It is a joy to read. God bless you, Sue. 💛

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      3. TJ – Thank you for sharing your story with me. The Lord has something for all of us that is uniquely us. And, that is a very good thing. Yet, when it shifts, I don’t think it is that the Lord changes direction, at least not from his perspective, for this is the direction he planned all along for us. It is just that there is a time and a season for everything he has for us, and when the season for one thing has finished, then he shows us the next thing. I have definitely seen that take place in my life. God has a timing for everything and each thing will happen according to his time clock, as we are ready for it, as you suggested.

        Thank you for your encouraging words to me. I appreciate them much! All glory goes to God. God bless you, too.

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      4. Well said, Sue. Yes, He is not the one who changes – He simply allows things to change in our lives, as you say, when the time is right by His standards.

        I am grateful for you! 😀

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