Sometimes, when we have encountered an unexpected obstacle, the best thing that we can do (rather than fretting about it) is to simply speak words of peace and blessing over it and leave everything else to the Lord – come what may.

This is what happened with David repeatedly in the Old Testament – you may want to scope out 1 Samuel 25 to get more context on this particular situation – and even though things did not initially work out well for David, he still approached his obstacle (a foolish, stubborn man named Nabal) with kindheartedness and respect. In the end, God worked things out for David – his “obstacle” came to a rough and untimely end, due to his own poor choices – and the goodness that he [David] extended to another came back to rest back on his own head in due time.

So be encouraged, and try – with prayerful discernment – speaking a benediction (blessing) to the challenging situation or person you are facing, trusting that the same God who sees and knows all will eventually respond in kind to you, too. ⭐️

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