I’ve decided to do regular posts (likely weekly) on gratitude, since – as I reflect back on God’s provision in the everyday matters of my life – I can find practical reasons to praise Him for His faithfulness in the “small things”. This reminds me that the Lord is also faithful in the “big things” as well – I simply must remain trusting and patient.

So here we go:

  • I’m pretty jazzed about a prayer request app that I’ve been using. It’s helped me to become more intentional and efficient in my praying – especially as I remember what matters to the Lord is the quality of our prayers, and not necessarily the length of them. I may not pray long, but I now pray regularly, specifically, and in a targeted way. This approach may not be for everyone – and certainly, I have my off-the-app chats with God – but it helps me to better focus my energy on the needs of others, rather than dwelling on my own issues!
  • I’m making good progress on the certification I began last fall, and received some wonderful words of encouragement from one of the master teachers that I am doing well. I still have a ways to go and lots more to learn, but her words really blessed me!
  • I had the chance to reconnect with three different friends this past week, and it was wonderful! We had been in communication via text, but nothing replaces good, old-fashioned face-to-face communication, you know?
  • I was gifted with a manicure – it’s always touching to be the recipient of someone else’s thoughtfulness and generosity. 😀

So again, I pray in agreement with this verse from 1 Chronicles 29: I thank You, My God, and praise You. ♥️

9 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. :):) this is what we all need, more gratitude, me included. I have started realizing that there are not enough “thank you’s” to ever equal all that God does for me, and that I need to be more grateful :):) Wonderful post. So happy to hear about all the reasons God has given you this past week to be grateful.

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    1. Indeed – I found your post today to be quite convicting! 😮 I try to say my thank yous and such, but know that my “asks” outweigh the gratitude prayers more often than not. Mercifully, God has been patient with me. 😂

      Is the lawnmower holding up ok? And how are you feeling?

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      1. At one point, honestly, that’s the only time the Good LORD ever heard from me is when I needed something. Now, I talk to Him, praise Him all the time, even for the smallest of things. Miraculously, the more I have done this, the less things I need to ask for because things just started to fall into place. And my prayers seem to be answered so quickly the more gratitude that I showed for the tiniest of things. It didn’t happen over night for sure, and God is still helping me get to where He wants me to be but it is refreshing to say my prayers, and they are more LORD thank You for, than LORD help me with this, and that. Your comment about God being patient, praise God that is the truth hahaha I am living proof of Him being the Father of patience.

        The lawnmower is working wonderfully, thank God. I tell you, that is another example of Him at work. I don’t know how to fix a lawnmower hahaha but there it sits working just fine. God is so good to us. Today is a good day, thank God :):) I am so looking forward to your post of gratefulness next week. It was a real blessing. Is your week going good? How are you my friend?

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      2. This comment was a big encouragement for me, Margaret – thank you! You speak the truth – the moment I took my eyes off the “eight ball” of a big concern in my life today and simply focused on the present (I was getting groceries at the store), BAM! An answer – or a next step – came suddenly and unexpectedly. I think that the Lord is sometimes waiting for us to “look away” from our issues and simply be content, and your comment really confirms this truth for me today.

        Praise God for the lawnmower blessing! His faithfulness in the “small” things is encouraging, no? I remember driving back home after an appointment last week and thought, “Lord, which freeway should I take? A or B?” I didn’t hear anything by way of reply, so I was about to get on freeway A when all of a sudden, before getting on the onramp, the Lord showed me that freeway A was stuck in gridlock traffic! I quickly exited and took Freeway B instead. 🙂 I have to remind myself that God has an opinion about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING – we simply have to ask and wait for His answers. 🙂

        I am well! I’m trying to take a page out of your book and praise God for what is going right. Focusing on praying for others has helped me a lot, and I must remember to press into that – however, I enjoy it, too. Prayer is not a burden, but a privilege, when viewed in the right way. 🙂

        Okay I’ve prattled on long enough. Have a blessed week, dear sister!

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      3. You didn’t prattle, it was a blessing to read, so much so that I read it twice. You are so right prayer is a privilege! What a blessing to be talking with the Almighty Creator of everything, and know that He is giving us 100% of His attention. Who or what else can we say that about? AND that He wants us to. Praise God! Prattle, I think not, a blessing for sure :):)


    1. Thanks for asking! It’s called Echo Prayer. I simply went to the App Store and typed in “prayer request” or “prayer” and went w/the app (it’s free, too) w/the best reviews. It has really helped me, but let the Lord guide you – He may direct you to another resource. ✝️

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