Higher Things

This quote by Jeremy Taylor reminds me to have a more expansive perspective on my life when things get hard. And while I may not always understand why one thing or another happens, I can choose to trust in God’s wisdom – that He is, in fact, taking me through a time of refinement and cleansing, in preparation for the “higher things”.

I’m not totally sure what Mr. Taylor means by “higher things,” but since the Bible says that God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts, and His ways higher than our ways, then perhaps the trials of life are meant to gently reshape our thinking and doing to be more like His.

I don’t have things all figured out by any means, but I felt inspired by this quote, and wanted to share it here with you. Realistically speaking, each of us is either in a hard season, exiting one, or entering one, so it’s a good thing for us to have an anchored, biblical perspective on suffering, God’s purposes for it, and how we (hopefully) should respond to the trials of life.

May the Lord fill you with His peace and comfort today and always – especially if you are experiencing a time of trial. đź’›

PS – There is a teaching series by James MacDonald called “When Life is Hard,” that offers a similar view on the trials of life – I highly recommend it.

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