An Encouraging Word

This verse from Psalm 84 really encourages me, because it reminds me of the following:

  • God’s power (“sun and shield”);
  • God’s generosity (bestowing us with “grace and glory”); and
  • God’s character (“no good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly”).

Put another way, the Lord possesses unlimited resources to accomplish His purposes. Moreover, He desires to bless us (note: I’m not talking about prosperity gospel here), and God demonstrates integrity in all that He does. While it may be difficult for us to understand at times, if the Lord has seemingly withheld a “good” something – or someone – from our lives, then we must trust His wisdom on the matter, rather than relying upon our own thinking. After all, He’s God and I’m not, and He asks us to walk with Him in faith for a reason.

Remember – God is always good – not sometimes good, but unceasingly, in a you-can-set-your-watch-by-it sort of way. This surely is reason to hope, no?☀️

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