Knowledge & Truth

This verse from John 8 is one of my favorites in the whole Bible! In it, Jesus makes it plain what the path to real freedom looks like. Simply put, it’s only when the knowledge of God’s truth is intentionally applied to our lives that we begin to experience real freedom. Put another way, we must know what God says on a matter and respond in obedience in order to experience His freedom. Sounds counterintuitive, no?

Contrary to popular opinion, “freedom” is not being able to do what we want, whenever we feel so inclined. No, that’s a deceptive form of spiritual bondage where the world tells us that we are “free,” all the while we are thoroughly shackled in the chains of our appetites and desires. In fact, there’s a word for this lifestyle – hedonism – and it is very dangerous to the body, soul, and spirit. If we live only to gratify ourselves, then we will likely die pursuing such selfish ways, too. No thanks! 🤭

I believe that God’s way is much simpler, and makes a lot more sense. “Follow Me,” the Lord says, “and leave your worries behind you. Life will certainly have its ups and downs, but I’ll always be there to show you the way. You can relax, refer to the Atlas I’ve given you [the Bible], and trust My plan – now and for eternity.”

I don’t know about you, but that promise sounds a whole lot better, no? I’d rather be wealthy by God’s standards – laying up treasures in heaven, where we’ll spend eternity anyway! – rather than clinging to the fleeting (and ultimately unsatisfying) riches of this world.

The way that I see it, at the end of the day, we have two choices:

  • Seek the wisdom of ✝️
  • Seek the wisdom of the 🌎

So whom are you following, really? Remember: only one road leads to true freedom.

9 thoughts on “Knowledge & Truth

  1. Preach this morning! I fall but I try to follow the Lord’s path. The straight and narrow. It’s only when I vear off that path because I see something pretty and shiny. But it never fails if I get off that path, His path, when I get to that “pretty and shiny” thing, it’s NEVER as nice as it looked from the distance. LORD, help me stay on Your path!

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    1. Oh goodness, I sounded preachy? 😮 Not my intention. I just go with whatever verse the Lord leads me to that day. If any preaching is going on, it’s from Jesus to me!! I still have much to learn!

      And you are right – “pretty and shiny” so often ends up being a deceptive mirage specifically designed to veer us off-course. Thankfully, God gives us plenty of on-ramps back to the main road. 😊

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      1. hahaah not preachy in a bad way. It is an expression, in the most positive way. It’s when something said about God, and it is so apparent that it came from Him, you say “preach”

        Mirage is the exact word I was looking for, perfect :):)

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