Kind Things

Some good spiritual food for thought: Oh, that we would continue to follow Christ’s example in this and so many other ways! Heartfelt kindness is one way that the Lord orchestrates real and meaningful life transformation in ourselves and others. Kindness is powerful stuff!

We may not always be rewarded for our kindness toward others in this lifetime, but human recognition shouldn’t be what’s driving us anyway. After all, the same God who sees and knows everything is carefully watching all that we say and do, and – at the end of the day – pleasing Him with a life well-lived (by His standards) should be our primary need and desire, no? 💡

6 thoughts on “Kind Things

    1. I agree. I want to be kind (and wise) because He modeled these attributes, too. Jesus was/is kind, yet never week – meek, yes, but never weak.

      I’m so grateful that the Lord has given us the great Example to follow – otherwise, I’d be hopelessly lost in this life! ✝️

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