Growing Pains

I just wrote a longish post and then deleted all of it (100%). It’s not that it was bad or anything, but sometimes, we want to go left and God says “turn right” instead. In fact, the Lord had indicated to me that I should head to the book of Philippians, but I took a small detour to 1 John instead and found some good stuff in there.

Naively, I imagined that I could simply slide my verse from 1 John by the Holy Spirit and post it here instead of the passage from Philippians. Not so! I can testify that God will let you start and nearly complete something, only for Him to later interject with a “are you finally ready to do it My way yet?”

So, I humbly bring you today’s verse from Philippians (although I hope to share the verse from 1 John another day!). I like this passage from Philippians 2 because it reminds me that God is definitely still in the transformation business, even when it seems to me like very little actual change is happening in my life.

However, rather than focusing on my circumstances, I believe that the Lord would rather focus my attention on the changes that He’s working within me. He may (and often does) allow some rough circumstances to enter my life in order to accelerate some of the spiritual and emotional growth needed within my own heart. Painful? Yes, at times. Effective? Definitely.

Mostly, it seems like the Lord is interested in making sure that my priorities align with His (rather than my distorting His will to suit my own agenda). The good news, though, is that the Holy Spirit is the One who initiates, maintains, and eventually completes this incredible transformation process – my only job is to willingly partner with His plans and purposes for my life.

This verse further encourages me because it tells me that God will not only initiate and maintain this process, but He will also give me the desire go along with His transformative work. What an amazing truth!

Growing pains are an inevitable part of life. If we remember to focus on His future, though – rather than on the topsy-turvy nature of the present – then we can remain hopeful, remembering that the Lord really is working everything out for our good, (according to His standards). ⚓️

8 thoughts on “Growing Pains

      1. Not wrong, but detours certainly can abound. I got some really disappointing news today! :/ I have to remember that we live in a broken world, and that things don’t always work out how we hope that they will. Lord willing, tomorrow will be a better day!

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      2. I am praying for you my friend. Whatever it is God will use it for His glory. He loves you :):) You are His faithful child. It must be going around today has not been a good day for me either. It is all I could do to type up the verses I read today, and I am just now getting to comments. Sadly, I won’t be able to read any blogs but like you said, LORD willing tomorrow will be better. He is with us, He is in control, He will carry us to the end :):):)

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      3. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear you had a rough day as well (today was challenging as well). It felt like Tuesday was a little bumpy for several people I know, but I will pray for you, and would like to mirror back to you the same encouragement you gave to me: You are God’s child, He loves you first and best, and He is working out His good plan for your life – even when the process is painful at times.

        I’m so glad you posted your verses, though! I too was struggling to get my DH post up, but the Lord gave me a verse and I followed His leading. Thank you for so faithfully posting to your blog! ♥️✝️

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