Taste & See

Take heart! While the storms of life may toss us to and fro from time to time, let’s remember this powerful truth from Psalm 34:

Taste and see that the Lord is good.

I’ve always wondered why the psalmist chose words like “taste” and “see.” I’m no theologian, but here is my take on the matter:

Taste and sight are vital human senses that allow us to experience life in new and exciting ways (think of a burst of unexpected color, or a delicious dessert that leaves a pleasant taste in our mouths). These senses also allow us to experience enjoyment in a heightened way – for instance, going to the symphony is improved by seeing the musicians and the instruments, rather than only hearing them. And looking at a home-cooked meal is alright I suppose, but surely savoring it with our eyes and tastebuds is better still, no?

I believe that this passage from Psalm 34 is an invitation for us to enjoy our relationship with the Lord in a similarly active and intentional way. In fact, I daresay that our perception of the Lord’s goodness in our lives should should be so palpable and meaningful that we can almost taste it with our lips, and see it with our eyes.

As the verse continues, blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him. When we rest in the goodness of God and trust Him with our cares and concerns, we are blessed (happy, in the best sense of the word. Happy in God, happy with God, and finding real joy in our growing relationship with Him).

Taste and see, indeed. God is good! ☀️

6 thoughts on “Taste & See

    1. Isn’t it amazing how God reveals more and more of Himself (and His ways) through the Bible? I’m learning, too! In fact, the deeper I get, the more I realize how little I actually do know. This is humbling, but not necessarily a bad thing. I still have much to learn – we all do, where God is concerned!

      God bless you! 💛

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      1. It is. I feel God plans it that way to keep us engaged. :):):) He knows how quickly we will move along once we feel we know it all. He is so good to us :):) I agree the more I read and talk with Him, the more that is revealed, and the more I want!

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