Listen Well

Here is the second installment of my Verse of the Week (VOTW) ** series. The passage hails from from the first chapter of James – a book that provides clear guidelines for our behavior as Christ followers.

Hear me: “Clear” and “easy” are not the same thing at all. For instance, the route that a marathon runner follows may be clear, but completing the race itself is challenging, requiring fortitude of mind, body and spirit.

Similarly, as we run this (marathon) race of life that God has set before us, there are boundaries that dictate where we can and cannot go. Like any other race, these guidelines are in place for our (and others’) safety and well-being.

Enter James 1:19.

The exhortation is pretty clear: Listen well. If we begin there, then the other directives (“slow to speak, and slow to get angry”) will naturally fall into place, don’t you think?đź’ˇ

** The purpose of the VOTW is to highlight a Bible passage that has clear and practical application to our personal lives. Consequently, I believe that it requires very little analysis by me. In these posts, I simply share a verse (along with a brief thought or two) and hope that it resonates with all of us – me included! – in some way. ✝️

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