God’s Waiting Room

Encouragement for today (via Daily Scrolls): If you find yourself waiting for a long time for an answer to your prayers, remember that you are not alone! We’re all waiting for one thing or another, but we can take heart from some of the men and women of the Bible who – at just the right time – witnessed God’s miraculous intervention in their lives.

The answer has already been given; we’re simply waiting for the Lord to perfectly line up the timing until we we’re able to discern a change in our circumstances. We get into trouble, though (or maybe it’s just me?) when when we expect God to answer our prayers in a particular way. With the exception of Jesus, I’m certain that no one in the Bible could ever have anticipated how God would dramatically transform their lives. In fact, the Lord’s path is rarely a straight line to our dreams and desires; rather, He often leads us along a jagged (yet upward) hillside that changes us from the inside out as we ascend higher and higher – and closer to Him, too.

So be encouraged – God is at work (even when it seems like nothing is happening!). In fact, He is always actively engaged in the smallest details of our lives, and His good plans are definitely worth the wait. 💡

2 thoughts on “God’s Waiting Room

  1. How is the job prospect coming? Have you heard from them yet?

    The doctor informed mom today her eyes have healed tremendously. He was surprised at how much they have healed and how fast.

    Your brother in prayer Jospeh

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    1. Hi Joseph! What wonderful news about your mother. I have continued to pray for you both. Is she going to have the surgery in the other eye, or is her other eye fine? Or did she have both eyes operated on at the same time?

      I am still waiting on the job situation. I have completed my interviews for the role that I mentioned earlier, and I’m waiting to hear if there is going to be a next step. The matter is in the Lord’s hands – actually, it’s been there all the time! ✝️

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