The Faith Journey

This verse from 2 Corinthians 5 is so familiar to many of us that we can recite it almost word-for-word without really processing what we’re saying: “Walk by faith, not by sight.”

If you pause and think about this statement for more than just a moment, it may occur to you – from a purely rational, human perspective – that such a mandate is nearly impossible to execute. After all, how is it possible to walk without relying upon our sight? Won’t we be in danger of stumbling over some unforeseen object if we charge ahead without the trusted guidance of our eyes?

I believe that the Lord would disagree. From His sovereign and eternal perspective, our perceptions (like sight) often highlight obstacles in our journey that scare us, and we think, “That’s it! There is no way that I can climb that mountain.” And practically speaking, we can’t (and the Lord isn’t necessarily asking us to ascend Mount Everest, either).

I think that’s why He wants us to close our spiritual eyes, so to speak, and simply rely upon His guidance for the next step. The Lord knows that if He fully revealed the peaks and valleys of the journey ahead of us, we’d reverse course and run the other way, never looking back! Instead, He asks us to rely only on His guidance, and to put less emphasis on “human facts” – the information that we’re able to take in and understand by virtue of our human senses.

Put another way, I believe Jesus is presenting us with the same choice that He offered His disciples: “Follow Me.” The next step – deciding to walk by faith, rather than relying upon human wisdom – is one that only we can make.

Where will your faith journey lead? Truly, only the Lord Himself knows! Dare to trust Him. đź’ˇ

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