So today was a hard day. If I’m honest with myself, it began yesterday evening, but the brunt of it hit me today. I was feeling low, and yes, there were tears, too.

The word that came to mind to me for this experience was “turbulence” – you know, the completely unexpected sensation of being visible shaken while flying. What’s true for seat 22A is also true for our spiritual lives, too – sometimes, out of nowhere, things happen that shake us down to the foundations.

After spending some time indulging in some woe-is-me-ness, I finally recognized that I had an important decision to make. I could continue to wallow in the mood I was in, or do something to change it. In this instance, I figured that I had nothing to lose by trying something new.

I decided to exercise – nothing intense or anything – but enough to get the endorphins stirring in my body. Before long, I was so focused on the movements (proper biomechanics are important!) that I found that my mood was beginning to shift.

But that was not enough. I made another intentional decision to go and be around other people, while also making progress on the certification that I am pursuing. It felt nice to get outside of myself, engage with others, and also make measureable progress toward a goal. By the day’s end, I recognized that I was feeling like myself again. It took awhile, but I eventually bounced back – most of the way (maybe around 80%?).

You may be wondering, “Did you pray and read your Bible?” Yes, I did both of those things, and also listened to a couple of Christian podcasts and read a few devotionals, too. But sometimes, even then, these disciplines are insufficient (I’m sure others may disagree). I’ve found that reading the Bible and prayer are often like making dinner in a crock pot – the meal is tasty, but it can take awhile for the full transformation to take place.

Sometimes, you simply have to acknowledge that you feel sad and then take common-sense steps to move beyond your emotions. In my experience, God’s wisdom is often very practical, and before I start calling on heaven for a miracle, there is usually some incredibly ordinary first step that I can take toward greater peace and relief. In my case, I’ve learned that endorphins are real and that – while I’m in no danger of becoming an exercise fanatic – engaging in a consistent movement practice helps to level out my feelings when they are (justifiably, in my case) a little out of sorts.

So I reckon there is good news and some rough-around-the-edges news.

  • The not-so-great news: Turbulence impacts us all. It’s a fact of life. 😕
  • Here’s the good news: Turbulence is by definition only temporary, and according to Psalm 34:19, God promises to deliver us from the storms of life – eventually. ✝️

So perhaps the next time you find yourself on a plane and encounter a few bumps, you’ll remember this post and take comfort in the fact that the turbulence is only temporary! Clear skies are headed your way – perhaps sooner than you may think. 💛

17 thoughts on “Turbulence

  1. I’m intrigued as to the nature of your turbulence, but I won’t enquire because it doesn’t seem you like sharing too many details online (which of course is okay). I just hope you’re doing okay, and it sounds as though you handled the situation in the best possible way.

    Keeping you in my prayers and hope you have a blessed and peaceful week!

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    1. Thanks, Steven. I’m okay! I appreciate your concern. Someone shared some fairly detailed information about a rather dark situation that, in retrospect, I would have been better off remaining in ignorance. There was no ill-intent from the other person, but I was surprised by how deeply affected I was by the news, and reminded that I need to be extremely careful about what ideas and experiences I allow into my mind and heart.

      Grateful for you!

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      1. Ah, okay! Totally understand. And I agree, we all must be very careful to guard our hearts against people speaking darkness to us, but we all slip up sometimes. Please don’t give yourself a hard time about it, I believe God will heal you of any hurt feelings. It’s just an aspect of being caring and sensitive that we can end up getting hurt, but remember it’s better to be that way than to be closed off to others!

        So sorry you had to go through that!

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      2. Thanks again for such a compassionate response, Steven! You are right – the healing has come, but it was a rocky there for a bit! I am a very sensitive person and highly empathetic person, and so I do get knocked sideways from time to time, but on the whole I think I’m (hopefully) fairly resilient.

        Thanks again! How is your week coming along?

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      3. So glad things are looking up! Thank you, Lord. My week is going well thanks, although I’ve been praying for deeper connections with people in my life as I’ve been feeling a bit isolated. I’m meeting a friend for lunch on Saturday so looking forward to that 🙂 Thanks so much for asking!

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    1. Thank you for this wise counsel – it means a lot. I suppose, in a way, the experience was strengthening. And just as in the world of exercise, in order to gain strenght, we may experience a little spiritual or emotional discomort along the way.

      Thanks again for your support! You are a blessing.


    1. Thank you, my dear friend. I’m not sure about the wisdom part, but I had to reach down deep to find the hope when I wrote that post, but things are definitely better today. I appreciate your prayers and support.

      How are you doing today?

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      1. What a blessing you are feeling better, I just read your latest post. Today is a good day for me. Although I am being quite lazy but my energy is low, so doing what the doctor said, when I feel good do all I want. Days like today don’t do a lot hahaha. That made me laugh because it just occurred to me I have a doctors note to be lazy hahaha.

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      2. I’m glad you are feeling some better, Margaret! When your doctor says it is okay to rest, then enjoyed a sanctified nap in Jesus’s name! 😉

        I had a similar note from my doctor last year. It can be hard for us to wind down and simply rest. no?

        Hang in there! Praying for you! 💛

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      3. Thank you for those prayers, and thanking God for you, who will pray for me, and for Him hearing and answering those prayers. They work!! Praise God. Shortly after my comment to you I was up cleaning my oven, and cleaning out some cabinets. I have a whole box of donations for the local church thrift store AND a clean oven :):):) Praise God!!!

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