Tender Hearts

I find this very verse to be very encouraging, as it reminds me that my responsibility as a follower of Christ is to keep a tender heart for those around me (also see Ephesians 4:32 for reference). This isn’t to say that I will always need to intervene in someone else’s circumstances, but I believe that the verse does imply that I should care about him or her.

Broadly speaking, we are to be concerned with what is happening in our families, our communities, our nations, and our world. Not indifferent or obsessed or anythung, but genuinely concerned. If nothing else, nonbelievers should understand that we, as Christians, care about them in a sincere and authentic way (even if they choose to reject us and our faith). Jesus did the same while He walked this earth – shouldn’t we strive to follow His example?

Also, unless I am misinterpreting this passage, I don’t see any indication that it is wrong to be concerned about our own affairs; rather, I believe that the Lord wants us to seek His wisdom as we focus on our lives, while also casting a concerned eye on those traveling within our sphere of influence.

So let’s keep our 💛💛💛 tender. I believe that’s part of the way God gets His business done here on Earth – we are simply available for His use, and concerned about those around us. Can you imagine how different our world might be if we all sought to live out this verse each day? 🗝

11 thoughts on “Tender Hearts

      1. I feel like I have lived a whole year in these past few weeks. Then I think wow, I am boring hahaha. I have missed you too my friend. I’m trying to catch up. The Good Lord has packed A LOT into this past month, and seems April is stacking up too. I get exhausted but my goodness, God has a way of showing me, just like His word says, nothing is impossible with Him, NOTHING. I have been able to do physical things that I just knew I couldn’t do, on days I have to kick myself out of bed. God has a way of lifting us up, always right when we need it the most, when we are challenged the most. Sorry for gushing but He is making His presence know all around me, and I see by your posts, and others posts that He is doing the same ALL over, for everybody!! Praise God.

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      2. You can gush ANYTIME, Margaret! It sounds like the burden you have been carrying is great, but you also see the Lord’s hand at work in your circumstances, and this gives you hope and strength to persevere – despite the trials. ✝️

        You are living in a God-honoring way – despite your struggles – and your faithfulness and blogging ministry are a testimony to many others. Be encouraged that God is using you to mightily bless other people; and know that I will pray for you now (and on an ongoing basis as well), for His peace and strength during this challenging season.

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    1. I’m not sure about ingenious, but I feel it’s how the Lord has led me to do this blog as well as my first one, Daily Thankful (www.dailythankful.org). 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


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