Aim High

Let’s remember to commit all that we do to the Lord. When we bring to mind that we ultimately serve an audience of One, this truth allows us to channel our energies and efforts in the right direction.

And not only are we to commit all that we do to the Lord, but we are to “work heartily” at everything we undertake, in Jesus’s name!

By the way, just in case you wanted a reminder about what “heartily” means, I took the liberty of consulting my trusty online dictionary (Merriam-Webster) and came across a few definitions:

  1. With all sincerity: wholeheartedly;
  2. With zest or gusto;
  3. Wholly, thoroughly.

So let’s remember to aim high for the Lord – at the end of the day, He is the only One we’re serving, anyway! ✝️

8 thoughts on “Aim High

      1. I am ashamed to say I resemble the part of your comment, “We so often struggle to give Him even the smallest portion of honor due to Him! 😢” He is helping me with this. I want “thank You God” to be the first thought I have, in all situations.

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      2. Me too, my friend! Me too! You are not alone. Once again, we seem to be traveling on parallel paths in life.

        Is it totally messed up to take some solace in the fact that someone else has this struggle, too? I don’t mean in a bad way – I think we can empathize with one another.

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