Hand of Blessing

This verse makes me smile – what an image! The Lord goes before me, follows behind me, and places His “hand of blessing” upon my head. 🙂 Truly, He will never ever leave me or forsake me, and that sure is a bona-fide reason to remain hopeful, don’t you think?

15 thoughts on “Hand of Blessing

      1. Its the same issue. My immune system is fighting a virus that, according to my doctor, 95% of people have since childhood but it just usually stays dormant. My body is fighting it. Normal anti bodies are a negative 10. Mine are a positive 319. This is causing my immune system to just work overtime, depleting my vitamin D, and causing this extreme exhaustion. Doctor says its like mononucleosis times 10, except it’s not contagious and my glands aren’t swollen LOL. He said there is really nothing they can do but take Vitamin D because mine was non existent, and when I feel good, do what I can, when I am tired, rest. This week I was overly exhausted but God will get me through, He always does :):) Thank you for your prayers, they are worth more than gold. How are things with you, and your new job?

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      2. Oh no! I did not want to “like” this post as hearing of your health woes saddens my heart, but I must commend you for your fortitude, long-suffering, total trust in God in the midst of your circumstances.

        I will pray again just now. And know that you can always message me directly at dailyhopefulblog at gmail dot com if you’d like to take the conversation offline, my friend.

        PS – The job was a short contract assignment that has ended. I’m now looking for my next opportunity. Thanks for asking!

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      3. I appreciate you kindness and kind words. God has been so good to me the least I can do is trust His plan. I don’t feel it is anything special but your words are special. They lift me up. That is a blessing. I pray God brings your next assignment quickly 🙂 I know He will put you right where He wants you to be :):):)

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      4. Wow! I am going to have to remember your words: “God has been so good to me the least I can do is trust His plan.” Wise words, indeed.

        Our blogs minister to each other! Thank you for your faithfulness in blogging, even though you have not been feeling well. 💛

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