What Pleases God

It seems to be a simple thing (but not necessarily eaay): God is pleased when we take Him at His word (faith) and keep our minds free from worry (trust). From this outpouring of faith and trust come the tributaries of obedience, contentment, gratitude, and wisdom – among other things.

However, when we substitute faith for doubt and trust for worry, we grieve the heart of God.

Admittedly, I’m guilty of my fair share of the latter, as soon as my circumstances start to tilt in an unexpected way. Even so, though, this time – this go ’round – I am experiencing a very deep sense of peace and contentment, which has proven to be quite a comfort over the course of the past few days.

So, even if everything in our lives falls apart (think of Psalm 91), we can still hold on to the Lord’s mighty hand! He won’t ever let us go. ✝️

2 thoughts on “What Pleases God

  1. Very excellent post as usual dailyhopeful. Very excellent indeed. Thank you.
    Also, Melissa seems to be improving, and her doctor visit yesterday indicated an improving status.

    Lord bless you dailyhopeful.

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