Whatever You Do

I have hope today because – according to this verse from Colossians 3, anyway – it is apparently possible that whatever I say and do can be accomplished in a God-honoring way.

Of course, left to my own devices, this would never be the case. In my own finite, human strength, at most I could do some things in the name of the Lord Jesus, and be thankful sometimes. However, through the power of the Holy Spirit, it is possible for me to commit my words, my thoughts, and my actions to the Lord, and find something – no matter how small! – for which I can be thankful to Him each day.

So, whatever I do – be it the laundry, running an errand or two, or volunteering at church – I can commit all of my activities to the Lord in advance, giving Him thanks simply for who He is.

2 thoughts on “Whatever You Do

  1. Amen, and there is always a tons of things to give Him thanks for in our day. The list you gave above, Lord thank you that I have laundry to do, soap to wash them with, water, a means to wash. Thank You I have errands to run, a way to run them, the air in my lungs to help me. Thank You Lord I have a church, thank You that it creates ways for me to volunteer, etc… always so many ways. Great post! God bless you. Thank You Lord for Daily Hopeful, Thank You for putting it here for me to read, thank You that it brings me joy every time I visit, thank You Lord for using it as a reminder me of so many times of your love for me. God Bless you :):):):)

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