All Your Heart

So, when I read these verses, I realize that God doesn’t want us to simply trust Him with most of the things that concern us, but rather, He desires that we surrender all of our concerns to Him and believe that He is concerned about them, too.

After all, these verses use the word “all” two different times:

  • “Trust in the Lord with all your heart…”
  • “In all your ways acknowledge Him…”

I took the liberty of looking up “all” in the dictionary, and this is one of the definitions I found:

The whole amount, quantity, or extent of.

So, put another way, “all” means all. 100%.

Further, the passage seems to be organized in an intentional way, so that we can better understand how to apply these truths to our everyday lives:

  1. YOU: Do something about the way you think (trust God fully);
  2. YOU: Stop doing something (trying to figure things out on your own);
  3. YOU: Put God first (in everything that you do);
  4. THEN GOD: Clarifies your next step, revealing that which may have been previously hidden (the crooked path).

These are my casual takeaways from the text. Note that there is no promise here that God will necessarily reveal the destination, length of the route, or the purpose of the journey – only that He promises to show us where to go.

(This seems to be a theme in the Bible, by the way – God showimg the way, but not necessarily revealing the plan. I observe this tendency in both the Old and New Testaments, and I believe that God works in much the same way today.)

I don’t have some big, dramatic conclusion to share; rather, I felt the Lord draw me to these familiar verses today, and I simply thought I’d pass along my reflections on them with you here.

Have a blessed week. 💛

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