Take Your Stand

This is the only way to contend with the spiritual attacks that so frequently beset us! As Ephesians 6:11 indicates, we must take our stand against the enemy’s tactics by putting on the full armor of God – and not just a few pieces of it.

We don’t use armor much today, but consider this one fact: a soldier’s armor pretty much covered most of his body (especially the vulnerable parts). I wonder – are we as disciplined in our spiritual lives?

Admittedly, I’m prone to lapses, as I find myself casting aside the shield of faith more often than I’d like – when I’ve grown weary from carrying it for so long. However, without a shield, what other meaningful defenses would a soldier have for himself when the fiery arrows of the enemy arrive?

The same holds true for us, too. Stand firm, dear friends, and let’s remember to use our armor – after all, it’s designed to protect us and see us through the challenging seasons of our lives. ✝️

11 thoughts on “Take Your Stand

      1. Thank you for asking. She goes in Friday for more medical work, she’s struggling healthwise, but we know the Lord will see her through all of this.
        God bless you dailyhopeful.

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    1. Yes, if we are wise we keep the armor on, but I believe that all of us at one time or another have slung aside one or more of the pieces, because the Christian journey is not without its challenges. However, we soon realized that we are in a much more perilous state without the armor on, and are hopefully quick to put it back on when the fiery darts start coming our way!

      God bless you too, Margaret! 💛

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