Brand New Day

Every time that we are able to wake up and experience a new day is a blessing from the Lord. Time is such a precious gift from the Lord, and when He enables us to experience a fresh new day, we really ought to be grateful.

Of course, I’m guilty of fretting and getting distracted by things that – at the end of the day – are of no eternal consequence. Perhaps a wiser approach would be for me to thank God at the beginning of each day, and then look to see how He opens doors and directs me on a moment-by-moment basis.

So, as I am meditating on this Scripture, I am reminded that each new day is something that God has created just for each person and I should be grateful (to God) and joyful (in God) regardless of my circumstances.

After all, this is the day that the Lord my God has made – I will rejoice and be glad in it! ✝️

3 thoughts on “Brand New Day

  1. Yes an awesome new day. My fav is walking to the barn early in the morning and looking up at the stars. God’s creation is beautiful and marvellous !!

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