Faith, Not Fear

These words of exhortation from Jesus are just as relevant and meaningful now as they no doubt were in New Testament times:

Funny (ironic) how I must remind myself to choose faith and not fear. Left unattended, fear creeps up uninvited and lingers awhile, and then gets comfortable. Mine is a lifelong battle with fear, but I am making progress by God’s grace. Also, I’ve learned from personal experience that the only weapon I can use to counteract fear is faith in God and His promises – any other made-made approach will eventually fail.

Today I choose fath. What about you?

4 thoughts on “Faith, Not Fear

      1. Praise God!! And whether you have that praise music handy, you have your voice, outer voice, and inner voice, that you can always sing to Him! Even if it’s just, “I love you Lord”, “Thank you God” over and over until that fear is GONE! By your faith you are healed, and that includes fear :):):) Today is a good day, and I am thankful :):)

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