Walking in Faith

I really like this verse, because it reminds me what is possible when the Holy Spirit is comfortably situated in the Driver’s Seat of our lives.

Today’s verse begins with the words, “if we live by the Spirit.” As believers, the Holy Spirit indwells us and – if we submit to His will and wisdom – He can guide our every thought, feeling, and decision. That’s powerful stuff.

The passage continues, “let us also walk by the Spirit.” Now things start to get a little more complicated!

Walking implies movement in progress. So, if we are believers and the Holy Spirit and dwells within us (as we discussed earlier), then walking by the Spirit should be a natural byproduct of our faith in Jesus. Put another way, the Holy Spirit’s guidance should inform our actions and behaviors in meaningful ways.

Such a powerful verse begs an important question: by whom are we living and walking? And if this person or thing is someone other than the Holy Spirit, then on what basis can we have confidence and trust in the decisions that we make each day?

Interesting food for thought, no?

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