How We Love

I wonder how different our world might be if we all committed to loving others like this? Thinking, feeling and behaving like this requires patience and spiritual discipline for sure, but such a supernatural, Holy Spirit-enabled tender heart for others certainly is possible. It’s not easy by any means, 😮 but it is possible.

Here is my key question today: How do I love others? (I’m still contemplating the answer, by the way) What about you?

8 thoughts on “How We Love

  1. I try to love everyone. When I start feeling anything but love, I start praying, and I look for God in that person. We are all created in His image, and He is with all of us, so that’s what I start looking for. As with everything, with God’s help, I am getting better :):)

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    1. You are doing better than I am, my friend! I try and see others as the Lord sees them, but – if I’m honest – some days I just get annoyed. 😉

      However, as a wise woman once told me, with God’s help I’m getting better and better each day. 😀

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