A Timeless Reminder

I love the book of Philippians! It seems like there is encouragement in practically every chapter. We’re going through this book in a sermon series at church, and I’ve been amazed by how uplfting it is, when you consider the fact that Paul was writing it while in prison.

Anyway, this particular verse takes the cake for me, as it serves as a timeless reminder that there is nothing I cannot do so long as everything I undertake is done “through Him,” and not some other way. Not “through me,” “through work,” “through marriage” or even “through church”. Nope – the only way that I can accomplish “all things” (or the “all” that God has purposed for me) – is when I look to Him first and foremost as my Source of sustaining strength.

I consider this a timeless reminder because the message never gets old, and we need to remind ourselves of it regularly. I don’t know about you, but I tend to get a little skewed in my thinking sometimes, and distorted thoughts like this sometimes enter my mind:  “I might be able to do some things if God has some free time and wouldn’t mind helping me out.” Such a view is a distortion of God’s character, the truth in the Bible, and my position and identity in Christ.

And yet I am prone to think this way, so long as I let my emotions and circumstances get the better of me. Hence the “timeless reminder” title of this blog post.

Also, in my mind, I’ve distilled the main point of the verse in this simple way: ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST. Please hear me – I’m not saying that Jesus is going to give me everything that I always ask for, but rather that (through Him) I am already fully equipped to accomplish all things to which I have been called. So long as I regularly remind myself of this and other timeless truths in the Bible – rather than relying on what I feel – then I will remain on track.

Thank the Lord for this timeless reminder from His Word!


5 thoughts on “A Timeless Reminder

  1. Oh my goodness, my friend, if I would just get out of the Good Lords way. I mean for the most part, I know better, and it’s more of an internal thing. Everything is going great, and my minds wanders to pretty much, what can I help the Lord with today? He’s so good to me, I should help Him….I am shaking my head as I write this. He created everything but, of course He needs my help. She who can make a huge mess, if left to my own devices. hehehe. I love that God, knows how I am, and puts lots of tasks before me to keep my hands, and mind busy. I am His little beloved 2 year old hehehe.

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  2. Really great job! I especially like your emphasis on the fact that we already have God’s provision for what He calls us to do. You said… “I am already fully equipped to accomplish all things to which I have been called.” Right on! So many times Christians are begging and pleading with God to get things we ALREADY have… through Christ (and our relationship with Him). Thanks for your insight, and your willingness to proclaim His faithfulness! M. A.

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    1. God is good! Indeed, I have to remind myself regularly that the Lord has already provided all that I need to serve Him – I simply need to draw upon it via the Holy Spirit and standing on the promises in His Word.

      Bless you, my friend! ✝️


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