In case you had forgotten, the Lord is head-over-heels in love with you – you are deeply valued and cherished by Him!

Don’t believe me? Read His own Word:

God’s love is not passive. It initiates, and is demonstrative, tender, passionate, and sacrificial, too. Human love pales in comparison, if we’re honest. Even on our worst days, the Lord’s love for us remains steadfast and unparalleled.

By the way, today I made my way through The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – volume two in the Chronicles of Narnia series, which I am reading yet again as an adult. If you haven’t gone through it recently (or at all), I highly encourage you to do so, as it’s a quick read. In my view, outside of the Bible, I can think of no other story that so palpably demonstrates the kind of love that God has for us (the Narnia series is fiction, of course, but it is still an excellent story. I look forward to reading the third installment tomorrow).

So we know about God’s deep and abiding love for us as His children, and the incredible lengths He’s willing to go to be in relationship with us. Here’s the key question, though: How do we honestly feel about Him in return? Do we really cherish Him, too?

7 thoughts on “Cherished

  1. Praise God, right on tie as always. I love God more than anything, and have bee professing it to Him all morning. I could never love Him as much as He loves me but we have been communing all morning! But mainly me telling Him how much, and all the ways I love Him. Coincidence, I think not!!!!! God bless you friend. This has brought me MORE joy this morning.

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