Guiding Light

What a great promise from the book of Psalms! We can have hope today because God promises to teach us whatever it is we need to know that will keep us on the path that He has laid out before us.

Also, He promises to “counsel” – or advise – us along the way, which means that He will intervene at just the right time with the guidance that we need to stay on track. I think this may look different for every person – for me, it sometimes is a simple as a Bible verse, or perhaps something as seemingly random as bumping into a friend unexpectedly who is going through a similar set of circumstances to mine, and noting that her story resonates with me in a deep way.

Finally, the verse indicates that the Lord keeps His eye upon us, which means He watches everything we do, to keep us from harm and straying off the path. In my mind, this looks something like the way that a loving human father keeps a careful and watchful eye on his young daughter – only much more, and far, far better.

So here are my key takeaways:

  1. God will always show me what it is I need to know in order to follow His will for my life. It may not happen right away, but it will happen if I ask Him to help me.
  2. When I am unsure about something, He will give me the wisdom and discernment needed to make the right choice. It’s ultimately up to me, though, to make the actual choice, though.
  3. He’s always watching and looking out for my ultimate good. This doesn’t always mean things will be good all the time, but it does mean that I’m never alone, and that God has a good plan for my life. I may not understand it until I enter into eternity, but nothing is ever random, since God oversees and sovereignly controls all things.

He is our Guiding Light – so long as we look to Him first and respond in obedience to His guidance. If we don’t, and if we’re not careful, then can end up in the dark pretty quickly. And who wants to be there? (I don’t – what about you?)

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