God is in Control

We can have hope today because – despite what we may read about or hear on the news – God is still firmly in control of all that He has made (including the human race).

Now I don’t watch television or anything, but I do listen to the “The World Tonight” podcast by the BBC World Service each day, in an effort to stay abreast of current events. Simply put, I have a decent sense of what is happening in the world, but I’m not really plugged into the goings-on closer to home.

Anyway, I mention this because – despite the fact that the television in my apartment is primarily decorative – I still get the impression that our society is plagued by a collective sense of woe, pessimism, and fear about the present and future.

I’m not denying that things are rough, but as a good friend of mine told me yesterday, I choose not to focus on this reality. As he said, whatever we fixate on tends to grow in our minds, and I really don’t want any surplus negativity taking up residence in my mind. I don’t know about you, but I already have enough trouble with my own thoughts and feelings – I don’t need to add anything extra to the mix!

Instead, I choose to remember that God is sovereign, just, and good – and that according to His timing and purposes, the Lord will mete out His justice and deliverance – either in this lifetime, or in eternity future. He is still in control, and (better still!) He has a plan.

Remember that God always has a plan.

So the next time that you’re fretting over the state of affairs in the world today, remember that God is still working things out behind the scenes (and sometimes in front of them, too) – He’s not done! The final act of the play has not yet been seen, but it has already been written (check out the book of Revelation for a preview. Here’s a hint: The Good Guy wins in the end). 😉 Keep trusting Him!

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