Holding Our Peace

I love this verse in the AMPC translation! We can have hope today because God goes before us and fights all of our battles; when we cling to this truth, we are able – through the power of the Holy Spirit – to remain calm and at peace.

Of course, it’s important to consider this verse in its proper context, and so I highly encourage you to read the rest of Exodus 14 when you have the chance (I believe that the biblical context further emphasizes the point I am trying to make here, too). However, an important spiritual principle is evident here, and I believe that a valuable personal application – at least for me, anyway – can be found in the passage.

I like the words “hold your peace” in these verses. As I reflect on this short passage, peace seems to be described as something tangible – it can either be held onto, or given away. Either way, a choice seems to be involved.

Also, notice the order of the words here: “The Lord will fight for you, and you shall [emphasis added] hold your peace and remain at rest.” This does not sound like a suggestion to me! Rather, it reads like a strong conviction about the Lord’s character that is being affirmed by someone (in this case, Moses) whose dependence upon the Lord is well established. Similarly, when we rest in the knowledge that God Himself fights for us – when we get out of the way, that is – only then can we truly can “hold” [our] peace” and stay calm, regardless of the circumstances.

I don’t know about you, but I’m still working on this one. 😉

6 thoughts on “Holding Our Peace

  1. Nice post, Daily. I like reading your reflections on Scripture, especially when you elaborate on your ‘Scripture of the day’ either by relating it to your circumstances or looking at parallels and insights from other places in the Bible. More of that, please! 😁

    Peace and blessings, Steven

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  2. I am working on it too my friend. I exercised “holding my peace this morning” because miraculously I was on this same thought process. Before I started even dialing the phone, I talked to the Good Lord, thanking Him for taking care of this issue, fighting for me, making the other party do the right thing, to help me keep my mouth shut, except for what He wanted me to say. After an almost 2 hour conversation I was still at peace, and had kept my peace. Then I come to post the verses and find your inspiring, mirroring post. God is good to affirm He is in control, fighting for us. Another “sign” He gave me was the nice lady I spoke with said I was “lucky” because they didn’t normally start answering the phone for another 50 minutes AND she was only 1 of 2 people at the entire corporation that was trained in what I needed. I laughed, and told her I wasn’t lucky that God blessed me this morning with her, blessed with her answering the phone, and blessed with her being trained in what I needed 😉 God is good!!

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    1. What a wonderful testimony, Margaret! Clearly, the Holy Spirit filled you with wisdom and discernment to guide your conversation the other morning. It’s amazing to me that something as simple as pausing to ask for the Lord’s direction before we embark on some task can make all the difference in the outcome! Clearly, the Lord covered your situation from beginning to end – miraculously so.

      Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with me! 🙂 💛

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