A Simple Prayer

I like this verse from the book of Psalms. Sometimes, when life gets complicated, we don’t know what to pray to God. We so often want His will and favor on our lives, but we aren’t really sure how to ask for it. I find that this verse can serve as a simple and heartfelt prayer to God; it’s general enough to cover all of the bases, so to speak, yet it is also earnest and sincere.

I thought I would share this passage with you, in case you (or maybe it’s just me?) get a little stuck in your prayer life from time to time, and wanted something simple yet heartfelt to say to the Lord. After all, when we talk to God, we don’t always have to say super intense and intellectual things to Him; He knows our thoughts anyway, and – from my own experience, anyway – the simple and straightforward prayers are often the most effective.

6 thoughts on “A Simple Prayer

    1. Yes, He does! I don’t know why it is sometimes I think I’m telling Him something new. However, He is always so gracious and kind to me – in fact, I will probably be blogging about that topic tonight.

      I’m so glad that you are back! 😂😂😂

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      1. I love God. He of course already knows but He STILL wants us to talk to Him about it. He loves us so much, He just wants to hear from us, like you said not like we are telling Him anything He doesn’t already know but He still wants to hear us. And if we don’t even know how, or what to say, the Spirit utters it for us. God is so good to us!! I’m glad to be back. I have missed you, and it has been a blessing catching up on your post.

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      2. It is almost unfathomable to me how the totally sovereign and powerful God of the UNIVERSE wants to be my friend and hear what I have to say. When you think about it at first, it makes you feel like this: 😳, but after awhile, our feelings turn to this: 😂.

        I have really enjoyed catching up on your blog, too. 🙂

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